Chinese stock market: the Red Dragon is here again


The Chinese financial market, after 22 months of correction, confirmed an important bullish reversal signal.

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Here, the iShares MSCI China equity fund ETF and, in particular, the index of Chinese stocks listed in the U.S. market-the Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index-will be technically analyzed for the general view.


First, as Figure 1 below (candlestick-type chart, time frame weekly, logarithmic-scale), in the iShare MSCI China ETF a bullish confermed Head&Shoulders can be observed, with break out of the long-term bearish trendline (with retest), reversal of the weekly Supertrend and general confirmation provided by the momentum indicator.

Figure 1

Such reversal movement can also be noticed in Figure 2 (candlestick type chart, weekly time frame, logarithmic scale), where the chart of the Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index is shown.

Figure 2

In particular, a matured Wyckoff pattern can be seen. Breaking out of the “Creek line” would confirm a likely long-term directional move, with ambitious targets as shown in Figure 3 below (Point&Figure type chart, daily time frame, logarithmic scale).

Figure 3


Currently, the Chinese stock market, unlike the U.S. stock market, is showing clear signs of reversal, with momentum in its favor, signaling the beginning of likely bullish directionality.

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