BTC/USD: Wyckoff target price achieved


According to the earlier analysis (June 2023) referenced in the following link:, it was postulated that the Wyckoff accumulation pattern had been successfully completed, with a target price mathematically calculated between $39,500 (TP minimum) and $45,452 (TP maximum).


Prices, effectively, after a moderate waiting period in the BUEC area, experienced an upward acceleration, reaching the projected price targets (Figure 1). This is an interesting study that sees the mathematical method confirmed by practice. Furthermore, It is intriguing to note how the Wyckoff patterns, in BTC, repeat themselves incessantly.


While the price targets have already been reached, theoretically the Wyckoff accumulation pattern continues to have ongoing effects, having provided a clear “cause” for a trend reversal, which, according to Dow’s theory, remains valid until proven otherwise (“the trend is your friend!”). With that said, to calculate new price projections, one must await the formation of a new “cause” (which could also be of short-term nature) or employ different methods (such as Fibonacci extensions, for example).

Please note that the information provided is not financial advice. It’s important to conduct thorough research and consider consulting with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

Figure 1